Effective procurement

We offer purchasing solutions to our customers in procurement outsourcing specializing in MRO materials characterized by its high transaction costs. Thanks to years of experience in this field we can offer a quality service to our customers and long-term relationships.

Have your costs under control

Less administration

We reduce your number of invoices and therefore save you time by taking care of administration.

Automatic ERP accounting

We automatically transfer all necessary information to your ERP system.

Pay after delivery

To simplify your cash flow, you can pay for our services after delivery.

Accessible and stress-free

One supplier with a range of thousands

We manage thousands of approved suppliers but you only need to communicate with us.

Trend prediction and adaptation

Our experience allows us to predict market conditions and be ready for increased demand.

Delivery right to you

We deliver your order right to the place of request, so that your material is always in stock.

Price and cost reduction

Transparent price

With us you can directly see what you are paying for.

Cost reduction

We reduce supply chain, purchasing and administration costs.

Vinekon in numbers

We care about the quality of our service and communication, and we have ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 certification.




Get better prices and a long-term partnership