We offer

We offer purchasing solutions to our customers in procurement outsourcing specializing in MRO materials characterized by its high transaction costs. Thanks to years of experience in this field we can offer a quality service to our customers and long term relationships.

We care about the quality of our service and communication, and we have ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 certification.

Cost optimalization – how we do it?

The principle of outsourcing is hiring an external supplier for handling internal affairs. Typically, outsourced company matters are activities which are not a part of a company’s main activity. This includes overhead material purchasing which is often a burden to the purchasing department. By outsourcing the purchasing of overhead material, the purchasing department can fully focus on purchasing strategic materials and items. Vinekon offers complex handling of purchasing activities from selecting suppliers to reporting finalized deliveries. Ordering high volumes of materials and items allows us to offer favorable prices to our customers. We also offer standardization of related processes which simplifies agenda in the departments of purchasing, finance, accounting, and operation.

Exporting data

Our services are fully integrated into the processes, ERP and workflow of our customers which allows us to optimize their costs. Every customer is different, and our services are tailored to suit their needs. We increase the transparency of processes thanks to a uniform flow of material including segmentation of specific material (chemical substances or electrical devices). The material enters the plant along with all important information, so it is not necessary to look for it later.


Ordered materials and items are usually delivered right to the desk of the employee who ordered them. This means a comfortable and stress-free delivery. Our goods go through quality inspection in our warehouse to ensure their high quality and reduce returns. We are also able to place an operational warehouse in the vicinity of our customers or directly in their plant and thus cooperate on the level of consignation. We have experience with both JIT and Kanban delivery.

Simplifying processes

Our simple and effective e-shop allows the employees of our customers to conveniently order required materials and items which unites the ordering workflow of overhead material. Naturally, our e-shop allows you to monitor the budget assigned to a certain employee, or you can set up additional approval from another employee responsible for purchasing. Apart from standard items and materials on our e-shop – to fulfill all your overhead material purchasing needs and requirements – it is possible to order non-standard items and materials.